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Action MoviesNumber
First Word Letters
The Amazing Spiderman3193
The Avengers2113
Batman Begins2126
Batman Returns2136
Battle Royale2126
Big Trouble in Little China5233
The Bourne Supremacy3183
Casino Royale2126
Clash of the Titans4165
Conan the Barbarian3175
The Day After Tomorrow4193
Die Another Day3133
Enter the Dragon3145
Escape From Alcatraz3186
Escape From New York4176
Fight Club295
From Dusk Till Dawn4164
From Russia With Love4184
Every Which Way But Loose5215
Fists of Fury3115
The French Connection3193
The Fugitive2113
Gone In Sixty Seconds4184
Green Lantern2125
The Hurt Locker3133
Independence Day21512
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade6297
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom7307
Iron Man274
The Italian Job3133
Jurassic Park2128
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang4164
The Legend of Zorro4163
Magnum Force2116
Man of Steel3103
The Man With the Golden Gun6223
The Matrix293
Minority Report2148
The Mummy Returns3153
Olympus Has Fallen3167
The Omega Man3113
Once Upon a Time in China6204
ONG-BAK: Muay Thai Warrior4216
Pearl Harbor2115
Police Story2116
The Poseidon Adventure3203
Premium Rush2117
Rise of the Planet of the Apes7244
Romeo Must Die3125
Saving Private Ryan3176
Seven Samurai2125
Sherlock Holmes2148
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles4257
The Terminator2133
The Three Musketeers3183
Time Cop274
The Transporter2143
True Lies284
Under Siege2105
V For Vendetta3121
War of the Worlds4143
White House Down3145
You Only Live Twice4163
First Blood2105
Live And Let Die4134
The Last Samurai3143
Kiss Of The Dragon4154
Hard Boiled2104
Raiders of The Lost Ark5197
Tropic Thunder2136
Quantum of Solace3157
The Expendables2143
The Fifth Element3153
The Bourne Identity3173
Total Recall2115
Demolition Man21310
The Dark Knight3135
Die Hard273
Bad Boys273
Mission Impossible2177
The Adventures of Robin Hood5243
The Fast and the Furious5203
National Treasure2168
Beverly Hills Cop3157
Tango & Cash295
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon4269
The Hunger Games3143
Fantastic Four2139
Lethal Weapon2126
Tom Jones283
The Dark Knight Rises4183
The Bourne Ultimatum3183
Fantastic Mr Fox3149
Tango And Cash3125
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  1. The listing for The Bourne Ultimatium is mispelled. It should be spelled, The Bourne Ultimatum and have 18 letters instead of 19. Can you please correct this listing?

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