This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Comedians.

ComediansWordsLettersFirst Letter
Sarah Silverman2145
Garry Shandling2145
Dave Chappelle2134
Jeff Foxworthy2134
Robin Williams2135
Richard Jeni2117
Dana Carvey2104
Paul Reiser2104
Jackie Mason2116
Lewis Black2105
Red Buttons2103
Louis C K375
Milton Berle2116
Jack Benny294
Elayne Boosler2136
Lenny Bruce2105
Robert Klein2116
Wanda Sykes2105
Mort Sahl284
David Cross2105
Ray Romano293
Eddie Izzard2115
Dick Gregory2114
Paul Rodriguez2134
Bobby Slayton2125
George Burns2116
Kevin James2105
Alan King284
D. L. Hughley391
Damon Wayans2115
Andrew Dice Clay3146
Bernie Mac296
Albert Brooks2126
Howie Mandel2115
Woody Allen2105
Richard Belzer2137
Redd Foxx284
Roseanne Barr2128
Gilbert Gottfried2167
George Wallace2136
Janeane Garofalo2157
Kevin Pollak2115
Paula Poundstone2155
Dom Irrera293
Sandra Bernhard2146
Dennis Miller2126
Adam Sandler2114
Bob Hope273
Jim Breuer293
Eddie Griffin2125
Drew Carey294
Steve Martin2115
Bobcat Goldthwait2166
David Letterman2145
Buddy Hackett2125
Don Rickles2103
Norm Macdonald2134
Johnny Carson2126
Steven Wright2126
Martin Lawrence2146
Chris Rock295
Dave Attell2104
Colin Quinn2105
Louie Anderson2135
Phyllis Diller2137
Joan Rivers2104
Andy Kaufman2114
Flip Wilson2104
Jon Stewart2103
Jerry Seinfeld2135
Shelley Berman2137
George Carlin2126
Rodney Dangerfield2176
Henny Youngman2135
Larry Miller2115
Denis Leary2105
Robert Schimmel2146
Richard Lewis2127
Trevor Noah2106
Ellen Degeneres2145
Jay Mohr273
Joey Bishop2104
Cedric the Entertainer3206
Bill Hicks294
Tim Allen283
David Alan Grier3145
Bob Newhart2103
David Brenner2125
Brett Butler2115
Jay Leno273
Sam Kinison2103
Jonathan Winters2158
Pat Cooper293
Eddie Murphy2115
Freddie Prinze2137
Jim Carrey293
Bill Maher294
Richard Pryor2127
The Three Stooges3153
Abbott and Costello3176
Kathy Griffin2125
Lucille Ball2117
Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo Marx5248
Jackie Gleason2136
Dick and Tommy Smothers4204
Roger Dangerfield2165
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Comedians — 114 Comments

  1. Dick and Tommy Smothers (4,20)
    Jackie Gleason (2,13)
    Groucho, Harpo and Zeppo Marx (3,24)
    Lucille Ball (2,11)
    Kathy Griffin (2,12)
    Abbott and Costello (2,17)
    The Three Stooges (3,15)

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