First World Problems

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category First World Problems.

First World ProblemsNumber
First Word Letters
Ad Breaks During TV Movies5222
ATM is too Far Away5153
Bad Cell Phone Reception4213
Bad Hair Day3103
Batteries Not Included3209
Battery Low2107
Bikini Tan Line3136
Carpark Full2117
Chipped My Nails3147
Cold Leather Car Seats in Winter6274
Hair Sticking to Lipgloss4224
Have Cereal But No Milk5194
Have Too Much Loose Change5224
Hot Water Takes Time To Get Hot7253
House Too Big3115
Hungry but Already Brushed Teeth5286
Forgot To Take The Bin Out6216
Incorrect Username and Password Combination5399
Keyboard is Dirty3158
Line Is Too Long4134
Lost Internet Connection3224
No Paper In Tray4132
Misplaced Phone. It's on Silent5259
Missed Bus Because it Came Early6276
Mouldy Food in My Bag5176
My Bottle Leaked in My Bag6212
My Brie is to Hard5142
My Clothes Shrank in the Wash6242
No Internet While on Holiday5242
No One Liked My Post5162
No Plug Next To Bed5152
No Seat On the Train5162
No Toilet Paper in Public Bathroom6292
Not Enough Dip For My Chips6223
Only Full Fat Milk Left in Store7264
Only Leftovers in the Fridge5244
Out of Stock3103
Parcel Left At the Post Office6256
People Not Putting Spoiler Alerts5296
People Talking in Movies4216
Phone Autocorrect2165
Power Cable Too Short4185
Screen Protector Air Bubbles4256
Shoe Store Doesn't Carry Half Sizes6294
To Be Continued3132
Tomorrow is Monday3168
Too Many Clothes3143
TV Commercials2132
You Have To Pay a Transaction Fee7273
Update Phone. Lost All Contacts5266
Cut Myself Shaving3163
Cash Only284
Dead Pixel On TV Screen5194
Feet Hurt From Shopping All Day6264
No Personal Trainer Work Out Alone6292
It's Monday293
Hair Clogged Up The Drain5214
Too Much Money, Can't Close Wallet6273
Can't Find My Other Sock5194
She Is Wearing The Same Dress As Me8283
Cutting Onions Is Making Me Cry6267
Sand Blew Onto My Beach Towel6244
Popcorn Stuck In Teeth4197
All My Pens Just Died5173
Neighbor Blocked Their WIFI4248
That Has Too Many Calories5224
Annoying Group Texts3188
Memory Full2106
Lost Weight And Clothes Don't Fit6274
Lawnmowers Woke Me Up41810
Cracked My Cell Phone Screen5247
Forgot What I Was Going To Google7276
They Got My Coffee Order Wrong6254
Left My Headlights On4184
Garbage Can Is Too Full5197
Escalator is Broken, I Have to Walk7289
Forgot Where I Parked The Car6246
Facebook Changed Again3208
Forgot My Password Again4216
There's Nothing On TV4176
No Toilet Paper in Public Restroom6292
No Time For Breakfast4182
Deciding What To Eat For Lunch6258
My Brie is Too Hard5152
Tangled Earphones2167
Power Cable Is Too Short5205
Warm Salad Plate3144
No Whole Wheat Crust For Pizza6252
No Substitutions2152
Just Washed My Car And It Rained7264
No Personal Trainer, Work Out Alone6292
Paper Cuts295
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