Harry Potter

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Harry Potter.

Harry PotterNumber
First Word Letters
Aberforth Dumbledore2199
Angelina Johnson2158
Beauxbatons Academy of Magic42511
Bill Weasley2114
The Burrow293
Cedric Diggory2136
Cho Chang283
The Cupboard Under the Stairs5253
The Daily Prophet3153
Death Eaters2115
Deathly Hallows2147
Dolores Umbridge2157
Draco Malfoy2115
Filius Flitwick2146
Fred Weasley2114
Garrick Ollivander2177
Ginny Weasley2125
The Goblet of Fire4153
Harry Potter2115
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry6378
House Elf285
Igor Karkaroff2134
Katie Bell295
Knockturn Alley2149
Lord Voldemort2134
Molly Weasley2125
Nimbus Two Thousand3176
Nymphadora Tonks21510
Platform Nine and Three Quarters5288
Poppy Pomfrey2125
Ron Weasley2103
Rubeus Hagrid2126
Shrieking Shack2149
Sirius Black2116
Viktor Krum2106
Dumbledores Army21511
Defense Against The Dark Arts5257
Ollivanders Wand Shop31911
Chamber Of Secrets3167
Severus Snape2127
Sybill Trelawney2156
Arthur Weasley2136
The Three Broomsticks3193
Godric's Hollow2138
Petunia Dursley2147
The Leaky Cauldron3163
Diagon Alley2116
Quirinus Quirrell2168
Rita Skeeter2114
The Triwizard Tournament3223
George Weasley2136
Oliver wood2106
Bellatrix Lestrange2189
Charlie Weasley2147
Remus Lupin2105
Dudley Dursley2136
Lily Potter2104
Prisoner of Azkaban3178
Lee Jordan293
Dean Thomas2104
Argus Filch2105
Ministry of Magic3158
Vernon Dursley2136
Ordinary Wizarding Level3228
Nicolas Flamel2137
Durmstrang Institute For Magical Learning53710
Luna Lovegood2124
Half-Blood Prince2159
Helga Hufflepuff2155
Alastor Moody2127
Horace Slughorn2146
James Potter2115
Avada Kedavra2125
Tom Marvolo Riddle3163
Percy Weasley2125
Invisibility Cloak21712
Seamus Finnigan2146
Gregory Goyle2127
Minerva Mcgonagall2177
Vincent Crabbe2137
Gringotts Wizarding Bank3229
Neville Longbottom2177
Salazar Slytherin2167
Expecto Patronum2157
Gilderoy Lockhart2168
Hermione Granger2158
Albus Dumbledore2155
Wingardium Leviosa21710
Order of the Phoenix4175
Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans5276
Peter Pettigrew2145
Rowena Ravenclaw2156
Muggle Born2106
Cornelius Fudge2149
Golden Snitch2126
Lucius Malfoy2126
Godric Gryffindor2166
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