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Historical EventsNumber
First Word Letters
Battle of Agincourt3176
Battle of Gaugamela3176
Battle of Marathon3166
Battle of Waterloo3166
Boer War274
Boston Tea Party3146
Challenger Disaster21810
Chernobyl Disaster2179
Children's Crusade2169
Crimean War2107
Crucifixion of Jesus Christ42411
Cultural Revolution2188
Destruction of Carthage32111
Discovery of Antarctica3219
Discovery of Penicillin3219
Eruption of Mount Vesuvius4238
Great Purge2105
Greco-Persian Wars21612
Hundred Years War3157
Industrial Revolution22010
Magna Carta2105
Meiji Restoration2165
Normandy Landings2168
Oil Crisis293
Peasants' Revolt2148
Second Punic War3146
South Sea Bubble3145
Spanish Inquisition2187
Union of Castile and Aragon5235
Vietnam War2107
World War I395
World War II3105
Velvet Revolution2166
The Midnight Meat Train4203
Siege of Orleans3145
Partition Of Triparadisus3239
First Crusade2125
Sinking Of The Titanic4197
Battle of Trafalgar3176
Russian Revolution2177
Construction of the Suez Canal52612
California Gold Rush31810
Gallipoli Campaign2179
Fall of The Berlin Wall5194
Battle of Stalingrad3186
Seven Years' War3135
European Discovery of America4268
Little Ice Age3126
Black Death2105
Bombing of Dresden3167
Watergate Scandal2169
Hundred Days2117
Great Fire of Rome4155
War of The Austrian Succession5263
Chinese Civil War3157
Peace of Westphalia3175
Handover of Hong Kong4188
Attack on Pearl Harbor4196
Hannibal's Crossing of the Alps5269
Nuremberg Trials2159
Human Genome Project3185
Abdication Of Edward Viii42210
Hindenburg Disaster21810
First Council of Nicaea4205
Manhattan Project2169
Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem63311
Cuban Missile Crisis3185
Protestant Reformation22110
Great Schism2115
Treaty of Versailles3186
French Revolution2166
Long March294
Battle of Teutoburg Forest4236
Yalta Conference2155
Taiping Rebellion2167
Great Depression2155
Gunpowder Plot2139
American Civil War3168
Thirty Years' War3146
Six Day War393
Boxer Rebellion2145
Easter Rising2126
Bay of Pigs Invasion4173
Age of Discovery3143
Magellan's Expedition2199
Prague Spring2126
American Revolution2188
Dot-Com Boom2106
Cold War274
Year of The Four Emperors5214
Peasant's Revolt2148
War of The Roses4133
War Of The Spanish Succession5253
Battle of Britain3156
Moon Landing2114
Battle of Hastings3166
Korean War296
Crisis of The Third Century5236
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln42913
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