Hunger Games

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Hunger Games.

Hunger GamesWordsLettersFirst Letter
President Coriolanus Snow3239
Liam Hemsworth2134
Stanley Tucci2127
Haymitch Abernathy2178
The Districts2123
Katniss Everdeen2157
President Alma Coin3179
The Victory Tour3143
Seneca Crane2116
Commander Paylor2159
The Capitol2103
The Hunger Games3143
Finnick Odair2127
Lenny Kravitz2125
Suzanne Collins2147
Annie Cresta2115
Primrose Everdeen2168
The Reaping2103
Plutarch Heavensbee2188
Philip Seymour Hoffman3206
Catching Fire2128
Commander Lyme2139
Johanna Mason2127
Josh Hutcherson2144
Caesar Flickerman2166
Willow Shields2136
Dark Days War3114
Madge Undersee2135
Claudius Templesmith2198
Effie Trinket2125
Julianne Moore2138
Gale Hawthorne2134
The Tributes2113
Jennifer Lawrence2168
Peeta Mellark2125
Donald Sutherland2166
Madge Undersee2135
Elizabeth Banks2149
Woody Harrelson2145
Quarter Quell2127
The Districts2123
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