Internet Culture

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Internet Culture.

Internet CultureNumber
First Word Letters
Annoying Facebook Girl3208
Baseball Bat2118
Bert is Evil3104
Cool Story Bro3124
The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger5273
Diet Coke and Mentos4174
Epic Meal Time3124
Fine Brothers2124
Harlem Shake2116
I Like Turtles3121
Leeroy Jenkins2136
Minecraft Creeper2169
Nyan Cat274
One Red Paperclip3153
Sneezing Baby Panda3178
Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny5338
You Don't Say3103
The Lonely Island3153
Neil Degrasse Tyson Reaction4254
Keyboard Cat2118
Come At Me Bro4114
Hamster Dance2127
Rage Guy274
Not Sure If393
Techno Viking2126
Zerg Rush284
Charlie The Unicorn3177
I Took An Arrow In The Knee7211
Hampster Dance2138
Chuck Norris2115
Do A Barrel Roll4132
Overly Attached Girlfriend3246
Hipster Ariel2127
Bad Luck Brian3123
Haters Gonna Hate3156
Socially Awkward Penguin3228
Badger Badger Badger3186
Obama Rage Face3135
Y U No Guy471
No Rage Face3102
Forever Alone2127
Star Wars Kid3114
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon5223
Roger Rabbit2115
Fus Ro Dah383
Domo Kun274
Justin Bieber2126
It's A Trap383
Trololo Sing Along3167
The Annoying Orange3173
Will It Blend3114
Ancient Aliens2137
The Evolution of Dance4193
U Mad241
Rage Comics2104
Chocolate Rain2139
Do You Even Lift4132
Shake Weight2115
Good Guy Greg3114
Scumbag Steve2127
Double Rainbow2136
Success Kid2107
My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic6292
David After Dentist3175
Lawnmowers Woke Me Up41810
Epic Fail284
One Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor7303
Advice Dog296
Leave Britney Alone3175
Ridiculously Photogenic Guy32512
In Soviet Russia3142
Homestar Runner2148
Ask A Ninja393
Gangnam Style2127
Flipping Tables2148
First World Problems3185
Literal Music Video3177
College Freshman2157
Charlie Bit My Finger4187
Dumb Ways To Die4134
Challenge Accepted2179
What Does the Fox Say5174
Xzibit Yo Dawg3126
Benny Lava295
Rebecca Black Friday3187
Grumpy Cat296
All Your Base Are Belong To Us7243
Epic Sax Guy3104
Successful Black Man31810
Slender Man2107
Freddie Mercury Rage Pose4227
Sad Keanu283
Ray William Johnson3173
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Internet Culture — 95 Comments

  1. Thank you for the note, the reason is that some empty spaces on the table also counted as an entry. They are sort of placeholders.

  2. Cannot finish the category, always miss one phrase! It’s the same with actor and actress!

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