Inventors & Inventions

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Inventors & InventionsNumber
First Word Letters
Adolphe Sax, Saxophone3197
Alastair And Jean Carruthers, Botox5308
Alessandro Volta, The Battery42510
Alfred Nobel, Dynamite3196
Allen Gant, Pantyhose3185
Arthur Wynne2116
Bartolomeo Cristofori, Piano32510
Benjamin Rubin2138
Bette Nesmith Graham3185
Charles Aderton, Dr Pepper (Alderton)4227
Charles Fey, Slot Machine4217
Charles Strite, Pop-up Toaster4257
Christopher Sholes, The Qwerty Keyboard53411
Clarence Birdseye, Frozen Food4268
Daniel Fahrenheit2166
Douglas Engelbart2167
Dr Andy Hildebrand, Auto-Tune4242
Dr C D Fleet492
Dr Giorgio Fischer, Liposuction4272
Dr John Pemberton3152
Earl Silas Tupper, Tupperware4254
Earle Dickson, Band-Aids3205
Edwin Binney, Crayola Crayons4255
Edwin Beard Budding, Lawn Mower5265
Edwin Moore, Push Pins4185
Enrő Rubik, Rubik's Cube (Erno)4194
Erik Rotheim, Aerosol Spray4234
Ermal Fraze2105
Eugene Schueller2156
Frank Epperson2135
Fred Gastoff2114
Gabriel Kazanjian, Hair Dryer4257
Garrett Morgan, Traffic Signal4267
George Crum, Potato Chips4216
George De Mestral3156
George W Mcgill, Stapler4206
Godtfred Christiansen2208
Gunpei Yokoi, Game Boy4186
Hans Riegel, Gummi Bears (Gummy)4204
Harry Coover, Superglue3205
Hubert Booth, Vacuum Cleaner4246
Igor Sikorsky, Helicopter3224
Isaac Singer, Sewing Machine4245
James Ayscough, Sunglasses3235
James Henry Atkinson, Mousetraps4285
James Naismith, Basketball3235
James Ritty, Cash Register4225
James Watt, Steam Engine4205
Jesse Langsdorf, Neckties3225
John Larson, Polygraph Machine4264
John Montagu, Sandwich3194
John Spilsbury2134
John Walker, Matches3174
Joseph Gayetty, Toilet Paper4246
Joseph Monier, Concrete3206
Joseph Priestley2156
Josephine Garis Cochrane Dishwasher4329
Leo Gerstenzang, Q-Tips3193
Levi Strauss, Blue Jeans4204
Lloyd Copeman, Electric Stove4255
Louis Braille, Braille3195
Manfred Von Ardenne, Television4277
Margaret Knight, Paper Grocery Bags5308
Marion Donovon2136
Marvin Stone. Drinking Straws4256
Mary Anderson2124
Norman Breakey2136
O A North, Coat Hanger5171
Paul Winchell2124
Percy Spencer Microwave Oven4255
Peter Henlein, Watches3195
Philip Downing, Letter Box4226
Pierre Lorillard IV, The Tuxedo5266
Pierre Verdon2126
Ralph Teetor, Cruise Control4245
Richard Drew, Scotch Tape4217
Robert Fulton2126
Rudolph Diesel, Diesel Engine4257
Ruth Handler2114
Ruth Wakefield2134
Samuel Born, Lollipops3196
Samuel Colt, Revolver3186
Samuel Morse, Morse Code4206
Sarah Boone, Ironing Board4225
Scott And Brennan Olson, Rollerblades5325
Sir David Brewster, Kaleidoscope4283
Thomas Adams, Chewing Gum4216
Thomas Edison, Phonograph3226
Thomas Hancock, Elastic3206
Thomas Jefferson, Swivel Chair4266
Thomas Sullivan, Tea Bags4216
Tim Berners-Lee2133
Walter Hunt, Safety Pin4196
Will Keith Kellogg, Corn Flakes5264
Willis Carrier2136
Wilson Greatbatch Pacemaker3256
Wright Brothers, Airplane3226
Edward Lowe, Kitty Litter4216
Art Fry, Post-It Notes4173
Eugene Schueller, Sunscreen3246
William Morrison; Cotton Candy4267
Chester Greenwood, Ear Muffs4247
Norman Breakey; Paint Roller4246
John Spilsbury; Jigsaw Puzzle4254
Dr John Pemberton, Coca-Cola4232
Fred Gastoff, Vinyl Pom Poms5234
Bette Nesmith Graham Liquid Paper5295
Tim Berners-Lee, The World Wide Web6283
Joseph Priestley, Soda Water4246
Willis Carrier, Air Conditioning4286
Ermal Fraze, Soda Can Pop-Tab5235
Daniel Fahrenheit, Mercury Thermometer4346
Pierre Verdon, Food Processor4256
Ruth Handler, Barbie Doll4214
Ruth Wakefield, Chocolate Chip Cookies5334
Marion Donovan, Disposable Diaper4296
Paul Winchell, Artificial Heart4274
Arthur Wynne, Crossword Puzzle4266
Douglas Engelbart, The Computer Mouse5327
Robert Fulton, Steamboats3226
Benjamin Rubin, Vaccination Needle4308
Carl Magee, Parking Meter4214
John Larson, Lie Detector4214
Whitcomb Judson, The Zipper4238
Garrett Morgan, Gas Mask4207
George De Mestral Velcro4216
Dr C D Fleet, Chapstick5182
Frank Epperson, Ice Popsicle4245
Thomas Jefferson2156
William Addis2127
David Brewster, Kaleidoscope3255
Edward Binney, Crayola Crayons4266
Erik Rothheim, Spray Cans4214
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Inventors & Inventions — 175 Comments

  1. Thank you for the note, we have now included both the correct and incorrect version because people have reported to see both answers.

  2. You have the Dr. Pepper Inventor’s last name as Alderton. In the game it is Aderton, without the L.
    If you could please take a look a remedying this error that would be much appreciated.
    Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the note, we have used “Aderton” as the letter count to reflect in game information, with () noting the actual correct spelling.

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