This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Landmarks.

First Word Letters
Acropolis of Athens3179
Akershus Castle2148
Al Aqsa262
Arc De Triomphe3133
Basilica of Saint Peter4208
Beijing National Stadium3227
Big Ben263
Bourbon Street2137
Bran Castle2104
Brandenburg Gate21511
Buckingham Fountain21810
Buckingham Palace21610
Burj Al Arab3104
Caves of Lascaux3145
Central Park2117
Christ the Redeemer3176
Cologne Cathedral2167
Colossus of Rhodes3168
Dome of the Rock4134
Dover Castle2115
Eiffel Tower2116
Empire State Building3196
Fountain of the Four Rivers5238
Golden Gate Bridge3166
Grand Canyon2115
Grand Central Terminal3205
Great Barrier Reef3165
Great Pyramid of Giza4185
Great Sphinx of Giza4175
Great Wall of China4165
Hagia Sophia2115
Hanging Gardens of Babylon4237
Hollywood Sign2139
Hoover Dam296
Jefferson Memorial2179
Kennedy Space Center3187
Leaning Tower of Pisa4187
Lighthouse of Alexandria32210
The Little Mermaid3163
Louvre Museum2126
Mall of America3134
Moscow Kremlin2136
Mount Everest2125
Mount of Olives3135
Mount Rushmore2135
Mount Vesuvius2135
Niagara Falls2127
Notre Dame295
Old Faithful2113
Palace of Versailles3186
Port of Rotterdam3154
Potala Palace2126
Pyramids of Egypt3158
Quincy Market2126
Red Square293
The Royal Mile3123
Royal Albert Hall3155
Sagrada Familia2147
Saint Basil's Cathedral3205
Spanish Steps2127
Statue of Liberty3156
Sugarloaf Mountain2179
Sydney Harbour Bridge3196
Table Mountain2135
Taj Mahal283
Temple Mount2116
Temple of Artemis3156
Terracotta Army21410
Times Square2115
Tokyo Tower2105
Trajan's Column2137
Twelve Apostles2146
Valley of the Kings4166
Victoria Falls2138
Washington Monument21810
Willis Tower2116
Windsor Castle2137
Yankee Stadium2136
Yellowstone National Park32311
White House2105
Golden Gate Park3146
Tower of David3125
Western Wall2117
Museum of Fine Arts4166
Machu Picchu2115
Angkor Wat296
Angel Falls2105
Chichen Itza2117
Mount Fuji295
Tower of London3135
Hadrian's Wall2128
Ziggurat of Ur3128
Museum of Modern Art4176
Statue of Zeus3126
Space Needle2115
Tiananmen Square2159
Forbidden City2139
Sydney Opera House3166
Trevi Fountain2135
Treviso Fountain2157
Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe6288
San Antonio River Walk4193
St. Peter's Basilica3162
Mont St Michel3124
Hadrian Wall2117
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