Oscar Winning Actors

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Oscar Winning Actors.

Oscar Winning ActorsWordsLettersFirst Letter
Jon Voight293
Robert Duvall2126
Cliff Roberston2145
Gregory Peck2117
Jack Lemmon2104
Adrien Brody2116
Emil Jannings2124
Charlton Heston2148
Victor Mclaglen2146
Al Pacino282
Colin Firth2105
Jeff Bridges2114
Ronald Colman2126
Anthony Hopkins2147
Philip Syemour Hoffman3206
Gary Cooper2104
Ray Miliand2103
Matthew Mcconaughey2187
John Wayne294
Maximillian Schell21711
Broderick Crawford2179
Robert De Niro3126
Rex Harrison2113
Fredric March2127
Jose Ferrer2104
Paul Newman2104
Art Carney293
Marlon Brando2126
F. Murray Abraham3131
Robert Donat2116
Humphrey Bogart2148
Denzel Washington2166
Dustin Hoffman2136
Warren Baxter2126
Nicolas Cage2117
Burt Lancaster2134
Jean Dujardin2124
Wallace Beery2127
Ernesy Borgnine (Ernest)2146
Rod Steiger2103
Jack Nicholson2134
Lee Marvin293
James Cagney2115
Alec Guiness2114
Forest Whitaker2146
Gene Hackan (Hackman)2104
Roberto Benigni2147
Charles Laughton2157
Yul Brynner2103
David Niven2105
Henry Fonda2105
William Hurt2117
Kevin Spacey2115
Spencer Tracey2137
Michael Douglas2147
Jamie Foxx295
Russel Crowe2116
Paul Muni284
Daniel Day-Lewis2146
Jeremy Irons2116
Clark Cable2105
George Arliss2126
Sean Penn284
Geoffrey Rush2128
Bing Crosby2104
Sidney Poitier2136
William Holden2137
Alec Guinness2124
Eddie Redmayne2135
Richard Dreyfuss2157
Tom Hanks283
Paul Scofield2124
Lionel Barrymore2156
Paul Lukas294
Ben Kingsley2113
Warner Baxter2126
Laurence Olivier2158
Clarke Cable2116
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