Oscar Winning Actresses

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Oscar Winning Actresses.

Oscar Winning ActressesWordsLettersFirst Letter
Faye Dunaway2114
Bette Davis2105
Susan Hayward2125
Helen Hunt295
Simone Signoret2146
Ellen Burstyn2125
Ingrid Bergman2136
Sophia Loren2116
Sandra Bullock2136
Joanne Woodward2146
Julie Andrews2125
Jodie Foster2115
Jane Fonda294
Anne Bancroft2124
Gyneth Paltrow (Gwyneth)2136
Liza Minelli2114
Grace Kelly2105
Laurence Olivier2158
Janet Gaynor2115
Jessica tandy2127
Mary Pickford2124
Halle Berry2105
Marlee Matlin2126
Glenda Jackson2136
Helen Hayes2105
Vivien Leigh2116
Norma Shearer2125
Jennifer Jones2138
Anna Magnani2114
Julia Roberts2125
Shirley Maclaine2157
Diane Keaton2115
Claudette Colbert2169
Marie Dressler2135
Nicole Kidman2126
Loretta Young2127
Sissy Spacek2115
Jennifer Lawrence2168
Shirley Booth2127
Judy Holiday2114
Hilary Swank2116
Patricia Neal2128
Elizabeth Taylor2159
Joan Crawford2124
Audrey Hepburn2136
Olivia De Havilland3176
Charlize Theron2148
Louise Flethcer (Louise Fletcher)2146
Merly Streep (Meryl)2115
Frances McDormand2167
Julianne Moore2138
Emma Thompson2124
Jane Wyman294
Greer Garson2115
Holly Hunter2115
Joan Fontaine2124
Julie Christie2135
Luise Rainer2115
Jessica Lange2127
Kathy Bates2105
Liza Minnelli2124
Geraldine Page2139
Katharine Hepburn2169
Natalie Portman2147
Ginger Rogers2126
Marion Cotillard2156
Sally Field2105
Maggie Smith2116
Lionel Barrymore2156
Susan Sarandon2135
Jennifer Aniston2158
Kate Winslet2114
Barbra Streisand2156
Reese Witherspoon2165
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