Pet Peeves

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Pet Peeves.

Pet PeevesNumber
First Word Letters
Armpit Sweat Stains3176
Awkward Tan Lines3157
Compulsory School Subjects32410
Crowded Subway Platform3217
Customer Support Lines3208
Dumping By Text Message4207
Egg Shells in Omelette4193
Expired Milk2117
Flu Shots283
Fogged Up Car Windows4186
Garbage Bin Juice3157
Hitting Funny Bone3167
Human Hair In Your Food5195
Leaving Phone at Home4187
Lost Luggage2114
Missing a Flight3147
Missing Deadlines2167
Mosquito Bites2138
Mosquito Buzzing During the Night5298
Noisy Neighbours2155
Paper Cuts295
Parking Fines2127
Party Poopers2125
People Who Cut in Line5186
Poor Air Ventilation3184
Power Outages2125
Price of Roses on Valentine's Day6275
Raining On Your Wedding Day5237
Repeating a Mistake3179
Rising Cost of Living4186
Shady Cars Salesman3175
Watered Down Soda3157
Wet Floor in Public Bathrooms5253
Windy Days295
Bad Internet Connection3213
Long Queue Times For Restrooms5264
Overly Attentive Waiters3226
Lodging Tax Returns3177
Having Your Car Towed4186
Dropping Your Phone In The Toilet6288
Food Poisoning2134
Morning Breath2137
Stepping In Dog Poo4168
Long Queue For Restrooms4214
Monday Mornings2146
Update Pop Ups3126
Hidden Speed Cameras3186
Empty Toilet Paper Rolls4215
Overpriced Things21610
Office Politics2146
Unwarranted Smuggery21911
Last Day of Holiday4164
Show Spoilers2124
Soggy Cereal2115
Food Stuck In Between Teeth5234
Wet Socks283
Receding Hairlines2178
Rush Hour Traffic3154
Snobby Sales Clerks3176
Shampoo In Eyes3137
Holding In Gas3127
Hole In The Bottom Of Cone6214
Adults Speaking Baby Talk4226
Over-Plucked Eyebrows21911
Bath Sponge Cake3144
Forgetting Umbrella21810
Spring Allergies2156
Flat Soda284
Wobbly Tables2126
Massive Pimple On Nose4197
Train Delays2115
Gym Workouts2113
Unreachable Itch21511
That Time of The Month5184
Glare On The TV4125
Paper Jam In Printers4185
Full Carparks2124
Biting On Tongue When Chewing5256
Drunk Texting2125
Internet Trolls2148
Out of Order Signs4153
Growing Out Bangs3157
All Day Morning Sickness4213
Hair In The Bathroom Sink5214
Twitchy Eye2107
Washing Machine Ate My Socks5247
Noisy Neighbors2145
Wet Floors In Bathrooms4203
Inbox Full of Spam4155
Last Day of Holidays4174
Animal Cruelty2136
Getting A Root Canal4177
Wet Floor In Public Bathroom5243
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