Simpsons Characters

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Simpsons CharactersNumber
First Word Letters
Carl Carlson2114
Cletus Spuckler2146
Comic Book Guy3125
Doctor Marvin Monroe3186
Doctor Nick Riviera3176
Eddie and Lou3115
Elizabeth Hoover2159
Fat Tony273
Frankie the Squealer3187
Gary Chalmers2124
Gil Gunderson2123
Hans Moleman2114
The Happy Little Elves4193
Homer Simpson2125
Jebediah Springfield2198
Jimbo Jones2105
Judge Constance Harm3185
Kent Brockman2124
Krusty the Clown3146
Lenny Leonard2125
Lionel Hutz2106
Luann Van Houten3145
Luigi Risotto2125
Maggie Simpson2136
Mayor Joe Quimby3145
Moe Szyslak2103
Nelson Muntz2116
Otto Mann284
Patty Bouvier2125
Principal Seymour Skinner3239
Rachel Jordan2126
Ralph Wiggum2115
Rod Flanders2113
Ruth Powers2104
Sarah Wiggum2115
Troy McClure2114
Bumble Bee Man3126
Agnes Skinner2125
Disco Stu285
Itchy and Scratchy3165
Lunchlady Doris2149
Professor Frink2149
Amber Simpson2125
Wendell Borton2137
Kirk Van Houten3134
Rainier Wolfcastle2177
Herman Hermann2136
The Rich Texan3123
Lindsey Naegle2137
Allison Taylor2137
Mona Simpson2114
Artie Ziff295
Bleeding Gums Murphy3188
Crazy Cat Lady3125
Reverend Timothy Lovejoy3228
Edna Krabappel2134
Aristotle Amadopolis2199
Rabbi Hyman Krustofski3205
Chief Clancy Wiggum3175
Martin Prince2126
Dewey Largo2105
Charles Montgomery Burns3227
Maude Flanders2135
Abraham Simpson2147
Lisa Simpson2114
Bart Simpson2114
Captain Horatio Mccallister3257
Waylon Smithers2146
Sideshow Mel2118
Todd Flanders2124
Barney Gumble2126
Ms Albright2102
Judge Roy Snyder3145
Ned Flanders2113
Sideshow Bob2118
Milhouse Van Houten3178
Jasper Beardly2136
Marge Simpson2125
Bumblebee Man2129
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