This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Singers.

First Word Letters
Avril Lavigne2125
Billy Joel295
Bob Dylan283
Bonnie Tyler2116
Bruno Mars295
Celine Dion2106
Christina Aguilera2179
Colbie Caillat2136
David Bowie2105
Eric Clapton2114
Geri Halliwell2134
Jack Johnson2114
James Brown2105
John Denver2104
John Mellencamp2144
Johnny Cash2106
Louis Armstrong2145
Luciano Pavarotti2167
Michael Buble2127
Nat King Cole3113
Neil Young294
Ricky Nelson2115
Robbie Williams2146
Rod Stewart2103
Roy Orbison2103
Stevie Wonder2126
Susan Boyle2105
Tina Turner2104
Phil Collins2114
Billy Ray Cyrus3135
Neil Diamond2114
Paula Abdul2105
Bing Crosby2104
Andrea Bocelli2136
Lenny Kravitz2125
Diana Ross295
Beyonce Knowles2147
Ed Sheeran292
Janet Jackson2125
Michael Bolton2137
Demi Lovato2104
Axl Rose273
Idina Menzel2115
Dolly Parton2115
Bobby Vinton2115
Tom Jones283
Elton John295
Kylie Minogue2125
Barbra Streisand2156
Norah Jones2105
Miley Cyrus2105
Barry Manilow2125
Cliff Richard2125
Toni Braxton2114
Britney Spears2137
Bryan Adams2105
Billy Ocean2105
George Michael2136
Joni Mitchell2124
Chubby Checker2136
Ella Fitzgerald2144
Perry Como295
Frank Sinatra2125
Brenda Lee296
Donna Summer2115
Freddie Mercury2147
Katy Perry294
Lady Gaga284
Justin Timberlake2166
Bob Marley293
Jessie J276
Kenny Rogers2115
Andy Gibb284
Marvin Gaye2106
Connie Francis2136
Olivia Newton John3166
Taylor Swift2116
Elvis Presley2125
Van Morrison2113
Michael Jackson2147
Justin Bieber2126
Jay Black283
Kate Winslet2114
Ray Charles2103
Lionel Richie2126
Whitney Houston2147
Vanessa Williams2157
Alicia Keys2106
Bruce Springsteen2165
Andy Williams2124
Aretha Franklin2146
Mariah Carey2116
Kelly Clarkson2135
Gwen Stefani2114
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