This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Sportspeople.

First Word Letters
Babe Ruth284
Bill Russell2114
Carl Lewis294
Diego Maradona2135
Donald Bradman2136
Jack Nicklaus2124
Joe Montana2103
John McEnroe2114
Jonah Lomu295
Kelly Slater2115
Kobe Bryant2104
Lebron James2116
Magic Johnson2125
Mark Spitz294
Shaquille O'Neal2149
Ted Williams2113
Tony Gwynn294
Muhammad Ali2118
Maria Sharapova2145
Lewis Hamilton2135
Michael Jordan2137
Rafael Nadal2116
Roger Federer2125
Usain Bolt295
Willie Mays2106
Tim Tebow283
Novak Djokovic2135
Earl Campbell2124
Boris Becker2115
Bobby Orr285
Julius Erving2126
Miguel Indurain2146
Martina Hingis2137
Nadia Comaneci2135
Jesse Owens2105
Arnold Palmer2126
Bradley Wiggins2147
Sebastian Vettel2159
Rory Mcilroy2114
Mario Lemieux2125
Johan Cruyff2115
Cristiano Ronaldo2169
Lionel Messi2116
Rocky Balboa2115
Steffi Graf2106
Tiger Woods2105
Shane Warne2105
Venus Williams2135
Joe Frazier2103
Zinedine Zidane2148
Valentino Rossi2149
Jerry Rice295
Manny Pacquiao2135
Evander Holyfield2167
David Beckham2125
Pete Sampras2114
Serena Williams2146
Peyton Manning2136
Larry Bird295
Ian Thorpe293
Tony Hawk284
Maurice Richard2147
Andre Agassi2115
Michael Schumacher2177
Wayne Gretzky2125
Wilt Chamberlain2154
Sachin Tendulkar2156
Hank Aaron294
Ernie Davis2105
Michael Phelps2137
Greg Norman2104
Dennis Rodman2126
Anton Apolo Ohno3145
Sugar Ray Leonard3155
Ray Lewis283
Martina Navratilova2187
Jeremy Lin296
Floyd Mayweather Jr3175
Yao Ming273
Mike Tyson294
Barry Sanders2125
Gordie Howe2106
Dale Earnhardt2134
George Foreman2136
Walt Chamberlain2154
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