Sweet Tooth

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category Sweet Tooth.

Sweet ToothNumber
First Word Letters
Apple Strudel2125
Balsamic Strawberry Shortcakes3288
Bundt Cake295
Caramel Popcorn2147
Caramel Shortbread2177
Cookie Dough2116
Cookies and Cream3157
Dark Chocolate Toffee Truffles4274
Double Chocolate Mud Cake4226
Fig Newtons2103
Frozen Yogurt2126
Gingerbread Man21411
Green Tea Soft Serve4175
Hazelnut Torte2138
Mascarpone and Pumpkin Mousse42610
Neapolitan Ice Cream31810
Oatmeal Cookie2137
Pomegranate Gelato21711
Red Velvet Cupcake3163
Salted Caramel Macaron3206
Salted Caramel Mocha Latte4236
Sticky Toffee Pudding3196
Sugared Almonds2147
Triple Choc Brownies3186
Devil's Food Cake3146
Snow Cone284
Hundreds And Thousands3208
Pop Tarts283
Turkish Delight2147
Passionfruit Semifreddo22212
Tiramisu Roulade2158
Sugar Pretzels2135
Cotton Candy2116
Tim Tams273
Rocky Road295
Vanilla Raspberry Chia Pudding (Chai)4277
Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta4217
Traditional Banana Split32211
Vanilla Chia Pudding (Chai)3187
New York Cheesecake3173
Hot Buttermilk Waffles3213
Apple Crumble With Icecream4245
Angel Food Cake3135
Banoffee Parfait2158
Orange Soda Float3156
Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns4208
Pistachio Nougat2159
Espresso Affogato2168
Chiffon Cake2117
Raspberry Trifle2159
Mini Pavlovas2124
Persimmon Pudding2169
Chocolate Croissant2189
Scones With Cream and Jam5216
Sour Gummy Cola Bottles4204
Whoopi Pie296
Pecan pie285
Chocolate Chip Cookie3199
Candy Bar285
Churros with Chocolate Sauce4257
Creme Brulee2115
Caramel Apple Pops3167
Rhubarb and Strawberry Souffle4277
Grilled Pineapple Butterscotch Sundaes4357
Jelly Babies2115
Strawberry Nutella S'more32210
Black Forest Cake3155
The Cronut293
Peach And Custard Danish Pastry5275
Lemon Lavender Meringue Tart4255
Cherry Malt Smoothie3186
Whoopie Pie2107
Vanilla Slice2127
Pineapple Upside Down Cake4239
Raw Cacao Truffles3163
Ice Cream Sandwich3163
Mocha Eclairs2125
Toasted Marshmallow2187
Napolitano Ice Cream31810
Peanut Butter Fudge3176
Vanilla Almond Biscotti3217
Carrot Cake With Cream Cheese5256
Oreo Cheesecake2144
Sweet Tooth-Jello-O Watermelon3265
Champagne Granita2169
Gummy Bears2105
Marble Cake2106
Hot Jam Doughnut3143
Mango Sorbet2115
Apple Crumble With Ice Cream5245
Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut3218
Jell-O Watermelon2155
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