US Presidents

This page contains the Phrase Wheel cheat database for the category US Presidents.

US PresidentsNumber
First Word Letters
Abraham Lincoln2147
Andrew Jackson2136
Andrew Johnson2136
Barack Obama2116
Benjamin Harrison2168
Bill Clinton2114
Calvin Coolidge2146
Chester Arthur2137
Dwight Eisenhower2166
Franklin Roosevelt2178
Franklin Pierce2148
George Bush2106
George W Bush3116
George Washington2166
Gerald Ford2106
Grover Cleveland2156
Harry S. Truman3125
Herbert C. Hoover3147
Herbert Hoover2137
James Buchanan2135
James Garfield2135
James Madison2125
James Monroe2115
James Polk295
Jimmy Carter2115
John Adams294
John F. Kennedy3124
John Kennedy2114
John Quincy Adams3154
John Tyler294
Lyndon Johnson2136
Martin Van Buren3146
Millard Fillmore2157
Richard Nixon2127
Ronald Reagan2126
Rutherford Hayes21510
Theodore Roosevelt2178
Thomas Jefferson2156
Ulysses S Grant3137
Warren Harding2136
William H. Harrison3167
William H. Taft3127
William McKinley2157
Woodrow Wilson2137
Zachary Taylor2137
William Taft2117
George H W Bush4126
Ulysses Grant2127
Harry Truman2115
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