Welcome to the best cheat page for Phrase Wheel the game.

If your game answer was not covered in this table. Please share them via comments so that we can add them into the database.
Special thanks to everyone who has contributed their answers to this cheat database.


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  1. Your index no longer exists. So now your site is not much help unless I already have a page saved in my browser.

  2. This game no longer works on my Android. Are you going to fix this problem soon? I love this game!

  3. i have been trying to get game number 169 of pet rescue for over a year it is impossible please put me thru to another one i have quit playing that one ”also i have been playing game number 69 of majhong and can not get it ;;getting tired of trying ;;there should be a limit on the games that we should get them after so many trys

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